I Shall Henceforth Disregard my Homework on the Account that I am Fucking Bored

Class starts in 15 minutes. I’ve had three days to complete two (pretty simple) Latin assignments which I could probably have found the answers to online.

Instead, I am sitting outside the classroom at a lunch table looking at Internet memes and nibbling on Cheddar Squares (Annie’s, the organic brand with the little bunny on the front, rules).

I’m only going to lose 20 points for not completing the assignments.

… Being a lazy piece of shit sure is fun.


It Really Sucks

When you have all these desires to sit up, read your school assignments, listen to Phish, do yoga, draw with your Spirograph, and be really productive with your day but at the same time you’re succumbing to the even more overwhelming desire to lay on your ass and do absolutely NOTHING.

God damn it.