It’s Been so Long!

I haven’t been on here so much lately. I haven’t been feeling very inspired to write, for some reason. But I want to let my wonderful handful of followers that things are going well!

If you’re happy and you know it, shake your meds. šŸ˜‰


Why So Many Questions, My Dear?

is it that
I ask myself
So many questions?

I’m always in need
of complete validation
of satisfaction
of prediction

And I hate it!
My brain
is a vehicle,
Suffering from inertia
all the damn time.

Rarely stopping
to enjoy
the beauty
of a simple day.

Please, deliver
me: peace of mind
in the coming daysoh brain.

A Poem, for the Hot Weather and the Frail-of-Heart

On hot days
When the sun
shines high
I put my hair
on my shoulders
And my cheeks
to the sky
And I
the sheer beauty
That the Lord
does provide
Even though
I’m a non-believer
in Christ

On my bad days
I still bring forth
a smile
For all to enjoy
Because laughter
is more
than a poor man’s
It is beauty
that the Lord
doth give
to us
And we must use it
to bring up
our brothers
when they feel
like dust

When the sky
does not shine
on our sisters’
dear heads
We must
their heads
to lean on
So they may receive
the warmth they need
from not the sun,
but our own

My Mind A-Wanders, But I Don’t Let it Get Too Far from Me

I sometimes forget, in the midst of things, when my days get really stressful and demanding, that it’s up toĀ meĀ whether or not I make it through. It’s always been up to me, and pretty much always will be. I hold all the power in controlling my reactions to life. Right now I’m feeling very anxious and depressed because I have an almost insurmountable amount of homework and priorities to take care of. I amĀ noticing theĀ negative thoughts creeping back into my mind and it’s getting a little scary because I haven’t had them in a really long time. I just have to breathe. I have got to stay head-strong and remind myself every second of every day that I am strong, loved, andĀ I amĀ worth it. I want to do this.Ā I can do this. Ā And my friends, I want to tell you: so can you.Ā