Your Mother Doesn’t Tell You This Stuff for No Reason

When she says to get out of your pajamas, take a shower, and put on some fresh clothes, do it. She means what she says, and she says what she means.

I spend the majority of my weekends wrapped in pjs, either laying on my floor or my bed, completely numbing my mind out with bad technology. I rarely wash my face unless it’s right before bed, I don’t brush my teeth except for right before bed, and I only shower on Sunday night. You get the picture.

While that’s definitely fun and relaxing to veg out, it’s also really not good for your psyche. No matter how awesome it may feel to shove pizza in your face and be the laziest damn sloth you know, deep down, you are going to feel like shit. For example, earlier this morning I was really starting to get panicky. My heart was pounding and I was feeling very nervous for no obvious reason. I probably felt this way because I’d been in the same pjs since Thursday night and I hadn’t showered since Wednesday (we haven’t got school on Friday or Monday, as we’re taking a semester break now that Finals are done, so I can let myself go a little bit). Needless to say, however, I was feeling pretty crappy.

But today I had to shower because I have a dentist’s appointment and then a post-finals barbeque with the Latin club. (JCL = life.) And honestly, now that I’ve cleaned myself for the first time in a long time, I feel so much better. Now that I’ve got clothes on that are form-fitting yet comfortable and casual, I feel so great!

The reason I got showered and dressed doesn’t exactly tie in with the title of this post. I had to clean myself up because I’m going out to see people. But on most other weekends I often complain about feeling really groggy and low and my momma always tells me to get into some clothes, get outside, and sweat. Often I don’t listen to her and end up feeling worse. I sometimes think, “This woman is crazy. Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in their pajamas all day?” Don’t get me wrong: even she thinks it’s good to lay in your pjs. But it’s not healthy to do it for two days straight every weekend. It’s not good for your mind. Sometimes you’ve just got to pick yourself up out of your funk, get some real clothes on, see the world, then shower; then you can get back into a new pair of clean pajamas at the end of the day, maybe grab someone sweet, and watch Netflix or read something calming and quiet until you drift off into dreamland. That’s how it should be done.


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