My Chair at School

My chair is awful. I sit in front of the computer, wrap my legs around each other so I can lean back a little bit, and what do you know? My ass slips down the seat. It’s like I’m sitting on a leather couch. (Those things are awful, by the way: 10/10 would not recommend.) Thanks, world! Now I can’t even sit comfortably while I’m forced listen to pre-recorded video of a teacher (whose voice sounds like a mix of Taylor Swift’s and Fran Drescher’s) talk about what Barbara Tuchman meant in her evaluation of Woodrow Wilson’s speech to Congress asking them to join the first world war.

But at least I get to go to school. Some kids can’t. Some kids don’t have access to basic needs and necessities. I should be grateful that my biggest obstacle so far today is an uncomfortable chair.

Still… Fuck that. I’m so bored. It’s not like working in a library at independent study school. It gets kind of lame after a while. You have no motivation to do any work at all.

Seriously, all I want to do is play games on Coolmath. They have some sick games on that website.


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