I’m Pretty Sure Getting Pretty Makes a Huge Difference

Today, my sister had a tea party at home to celebrate her birthday. She and all her friends dressed up and had little sandwiches and cakes and (nasty) cups of tea in flower-painted china. (I am not a fan of tea unless it is lemon or chamomile.)

And my mom asked me to help her out. This required me to get showered and put on a cute green and white dress with black tights (it looks okay, surprisingly). I also wore a comfy tan-gray sweater over that. I helped my mom and dad with the clearing of the table post tea ingestion and also I took pictures of my sister and her friends. It was mildly exciting for me as I don’t care much about the discussions of seventh graders. I do care about food though. And there was lots of it.

So I looked good and helped my family and that instantly brought my mood up tenfold. I am still wearing my dress and tights. I’m sitting in the front room of my house with the windows open and my feet on our white antique-looking ottoman which we’ve had forever. The wind is blowing only slightly and the birds are chirping in a soothing tone. There are no other sounds except for the rustling of branches and the quiet murmuring of the television, which my mother has just turned on in the other room. It is beautiful out right now; not too warm, not too cold. I will eventually get to my homework but I’m not too worried about it because it’s really stupid, anyway. Soon enough I’ll be putting on my warm, comfy footie pajamas and preparing for tomorrow. I am happy.


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