Empowerment is Mac DeMarco on a late Sunday afternoon. Empowerment is wearing glittery pink star-shaped rose-colored sunglasses and putting on ugly lipstick while still wearing your PJs from the night before.

I find solace in listening to strange music (well, strange as in the aforementioned DeMarco or Arcade Fire; that’s how musically uneducated I am) and staring at myself in the mirror when I’m at my ugliest. (You know, unshowered, face not washed since the night before, in PJs, no accomplishments in the day at all.) I guess it’s the music that makes me feel pretty. You cannot see the music. You can only hear it, feel it. So it can make you feel pretty or fabulous or like a pop star for a few minutes on a groggy Sunday because the music isn’t there to hurt you or judge you. Only you can do that to yourself. And if you’re filling yourself with good music, how can you have time to judge yourself? You shouldn’t. You should embrace your ugliness, and your excellent taste in music.

I’m finally listening to the full album “Salad Days” by Mac DeMarco. I am in love.


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