I Want to Live

Right now I really want a dog or a cat to cuddle with. Maybe even a human. A hot human. Someone to listen to the Dead with.

I also want to eat food and never worry about getting fat or feeling sick; I want to always have energy to workout or move whenever I want or need to. I really want to be financially secure in the future. I really want someone to love and who loves me back. I want to live in a nice house in a quiet town not 20 minutes from the beach in one direction and the mountains in the other. I really want to go to a good college after high school (after community college, of course, to save money). I want to become extremely interested in learning and expanding my horizons. I want to have a career but I also want to raise a family. Three children: a boy, then two girls. A husband too. I want to live to be at least 80 years old with my sweetheart. I want to see my siblings get married someday. I want to be able to walk outside barefoot one morning and meet up with a friend and never stop walking and chatting. I want to write a novel and win a prize for it. I want to move to Paris or Canada or Japan some time to experience other parts of the world. I want to live a long and happy life with as many caring people as possible surrounding me, giving me joy, and lifting me up; I want to swim (both literally and figuratively) everyday without pain. I want to find a passion in life and commit my existence to it. I want to live. I guess I have already started doing that, but oh boy, I can’t wait to keep it up.


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