Self Care Ideas for When You’re Feeling Down

-Deep breathing
-Listening to calm, soft, nice music
-Listening to upbeat, happy music
-Crying it out
-Doing a killer workout
-Eating (relatively healthy foods)
-Watching something funny on TV or the interwebz
-Calling up an old friend or good relative and chatting away
-Seeing people
-Cuddling with cute stuffed animals
-Retail therapy
-Giving yourself a makeover
-Taking a bubbly, hot bath or shower
-Writing down your feelings
-Making art
-Sitting in nature or outside your house
-Talking to someone about it
-Reminiscing on happy memories
-Getting into your pjs
-Drinking tea
-Reading an excellent book
-Playing with your pet
-Going to the movies or a shopping center, even if it’s by yourself (always a rewarding thing to do, actually!)
-Decorating your house/room
-Cleaning your house, bedroom, workspace, backpack, etc.
-Learning something new!
-Visiting a library, museum, beach, coffeehouse, playhouse, concert, etc.
-Smiling because you are fortunate enough to be alive (and hopefully well)
-Smiling because your parents weren’t Juggalos.


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