Never Underestimate the Power of an Excellent Workout

I think I’m just going to dedicate this blog to writing about my life and my experiences with anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and all the aspects of being a young woman who, despite these challenges, is excited about her life.

I worked out so hard today. I went for a really awesome couple-mile walk/run (all while listening to the Grateful Dead, of course;), stopped to enjoy the beautiful pink sky melt into the mountains, and jump-roped, strength trained, and threw a tennis ball against a wall (switching between my right and left hand for added brain activity) once I returned home. I was a sweaty mess.

But I felt great. Absolutely incredible. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I’ve felt so damn good. I haven’t felt like this since before I quit competitive swimming, which I’m actually getting back into right now.

I then took a hot shower (which I kept short because I respect Mother Nature, fuck yeah). I put on my footie pjs and ate dinner with my family. Then I watched the Daily Show.

And for the first time in a couple months, I feel genuinely, sincerely happy. Whether it’s the Zoloft finally kicking in or the sheer fact that I worked my butt off (almost literally, as I did many squats), I feel amazing. Off to bed now. I am so blessed.


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