I Shall Write on the Internet

I have decided, in response to my previous post (which also happens to be my first, woohoo!), that I will be using this blog for whatever the heck I want. I need not more social media, but this seems like an interesting venture I could take if I use WordPress to my advantage.

I kind of like writing short stories. I really, really enjoy the works of Ray Bradbury. He’s an absolute genius in my eyes. He is incredibly inspiring to me. I remember reading the first paragraph of Fahrenheit 451 three years ago, my classmates groaning in pain as we listened to the audio recording recite, “It was a pleasure to burn…” My jaw had dropped after the first page. I had fallen in love at first sentence.

I go on the Internet a lot (read: way too fuckin’ much), so I think that if every time I open my laptop, rather than going on Buzzfeed and taking stupid quizzes (“Which Late Night Host Will You Marry?”), I’ll try my best to come on here and write. Even if it’s not science fiction or short stories. I’ll just write. Try and keep my identity a secret, but give you basic details about my day and my life.

So with that, I’ll see you later. Momma made chicken for dinner. I’m going to go eat.


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