Greetings, Followers Who do not Exist

Hi. It’s been such a wild ride. Thanks for being on it with me. Wow. I mean, two whole hours on here. Jesus Christ.

I am not sure why I’m doing this. What force, I ask myself, the universe, and God alike, compelled me to completely ignore my homework, the most pertinent of tasks on my agenda, and create a menial blog with no followers or people interested in it at all? And what force is compelling me still, to write aimlessly, with basic precision (as if that’s even a thing), to an audience of exactly 0?

I know not the answer to that question.

But I am wearing footie pajamas. I am no longer a child, yet still not an adult. I didn’t do my homework tonight. I’m going to do it in class tomorrow, because my teachers do not notice a thing. So I can do whatever the fuck I want.

I shall commence my day with my routine of cleaning my room, making my bed, brushing my teeth, and going the fuck to sleep. Ever heard of a student consistently going to bed at 8:30? It’s sweet, bro.


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